Susi Soler Y. Brown, Worthington, OH

Susi Soler Y. Brown, Worthington, OH

Created by Susi Soler Y. Brown, Worthington, OH

Title: Early Evening at Point Reyes

Theme: Conservation

Materials and techniques: I used cottons and a sewing machine to collage a lot of fabrics together, and then I did a few accents with water based paint.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, I always enjoy working on collages.

About: I have fond memories of going often to Point Reyes Beach when I lived in CA.
There is a lighthouse you can climb up in. This area is also a bird sanctuary where many migratory birds come through on their way to other places. This is the best beach! It’s a bit “rough” by beach standards…the water is the cold Pacific, but you can see whales passing by and yacht are often funny sea otters frolicking in the water.