Central Lyon Community School, Rock Rapids, IA

Central Lyon Community School, Rock Rapids, IA

Created by Central Lyon Community School, Rock Rapids, IA

Artists: 3rd & 4th Graders, CLCSD

Title: Solubility and Changes


Teacher: Mrs. Hoppe

Theme: Conservation

Materials and techniques: Water and solvent-soluble inks, muslin and recycled yarn.

The artists studied the solubility of different drawing and painting media then chose a favorite or a combination of preferred media to create their art. Once the inks and paints were dry on their paintings, the artists emphasized textures and key elements of their Mammoth Cave themed artwork with yarn and stitching.


Did you enjoy this project? The student artists are thrilled to be involved in this project and creating these fiber artworks. This is the second year this group of artists has created work for MCNP, and even as they were working on this year’s art, they were already planning their media and ideas for next year’s show. They have also been asking about other DRP opportunities they could participate in.

About: Mammoth Cave is a wonder of the world. This group of artists has researched and shown incredible interest in Mammoth Cave, this art show, and their fiber-based artwork for this show for their second year in a row. The Central Lyon 3rd and 4th graders have shown through art their diverse perspectives of both the vast and beautiful structure of Mammoth Cave or her countless visitors, explorers, and other inhabitants.