Stephen Bell Elementary School, Bellbrook, OH

Stephen Bell Elementary School, Bellbrook, OH

Created by Stephen Bell Elementary School, Bellbrook, OH

Artists: 2nd Graders

Title: Dreams take flight and so will we.


Teacher: Mrs. Taggart

Theme: Paul Laurence Dunbar and aviation.

Materials and techniques: 1. Students did simple line drawings with pencil. 2. Thin cotton fabric was laid on top of the drawing and traced with acrylic markers. 3. The fabric was then painted with acrylic paint and then cut out and glued in place. 4. All students participated in cutting hearts, stars and clouds from felt and used them to fill in open spaces.


Did you enjoy this project? Yes, it was wonderful to see 2nd graders so open to listening to the poem and sharing their ideas.

About: Stephen Bell Elementary is located near the city of Dayton, Ohio and Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Wright brothers are an important part of our community’s heritage. Second graders listened to the poem “Dreams” by Paul Laurence Dunbar and began sketching ideas of dreams floating across the sky. They then began to draw themselves floating with objects that take flight.