Maple Elementary School, Cambridge, MD

Maple Elementary School, Cambridge, MD

Created by Maple Elementary School, Cambridge, MD

Artists: Alexis B., Dontez B., Ashley, B., Mark D, Zavium T., Elezabeth K., Adam P., Juliana M., Myasia Elliott-D.

Title: The Two Faces of the American Revolution

Teacher: Mrs. Hebb

Theme: Point of View

Materials and techniques: We worked in 4 groups of about 2 or 3 people each. This was the idea of the art teacher and her intern, who did a lot of the research. The group is the fifth grade band group. We painted, colored and used Sharpie marker on the percale/cotton pillow case. We glued felt in red and blue for the flag. We used the Picasso inspiration to capture both a front and profile of an eighteenth century man. We tried to keep the details simple but we needed to smooth out the edges, so we used edging (of jute and ribbon) to clean up the squares and unify the design. We used acrylic paint to render the bell and eagle. We used Liquid Stitch fabric glue to glue the four quadrants to the cotton base and then glued the portrait on top of the four square quadrants. To blend the edges of the portrait oval, we glued sparkly white, silver and gold stars.

Did you enjoy this project? The students were guided but not dictated to for this project, so they expressed a great deal of enjoyment. They were also singled out of the fifth grade classes because they are diligent and creative. We did most of the work in two classes with one additional class time (each about an hour) to assemble the pieces. The students enjoyed collaborating with each other and playing with different modes of expression. They worked under a deadline but actually seemed to thrive with the specific goals set. I enjoyed seeing them flourish and smile. Mrs. Patton, our intern, who was here for about two months was instrumental in the success of our project and seemed to enjoy our sense of accomplishment.

About: We were told our context was the American Revolution and the theme was “point of view.” We researched how, why and when the revolution began. Then we looked at a collection of symbols of the American Revolution. We were inspired by Picasso’s “The Girl before a Mirror” for the figure in the center. We wanted to capture the idea that many people could be viewed as either patriot or traitor, depending on the way they were perceived. Really, there might have been many people who were both to some degree in the beginning of the war. However, we also used the Marine’s “Semper Fi” eagle in the upper right quadrant to honor the brave men and women who fought, in the lower left quadrant is the Liberty bell, for their victory and the upper right and lower left quadrants contain the design of the first American flag to show appreciation for USA ideals.