Westside Campus High School, Newark, NJ

Westside Campus High School, Newark, NJ

Created by Westside Campus High School, Newark, NJ

Artists: Cordell, Jaheem, Axelle, Nathan, Austin, Safiah, Kayla


Teacher: Mrs. Marinaro

Theme: Ingenuity in the Face of Adversity

Materials and techniques: Evolon supplied, pencil, color pencil, pastel, tempera and rubbing plates. Drawing, cross hatching technique, and paint overlay.


Did you enjoy this project? Absolutely!!!! Great theme.

About: The class enjoyed exploring the camp situation for the families involved with the men fighting in the revolution. New Jersey towns all contributed to the success of the troops during the revolution. The discomfort for the people in the harsh, undeveloped, and very combatant environment led us into questioning the role women would have participated in supporting the revolution. A Madonna and child was a spiritual embodiment of men praying for success while the women would have mended, cooked, sewed, knit and cared for the sick. Having no idea what the future outcome of the revolution would be created the fortune tellers hand because of the earth, water, fire and air elements available to army. The camp watcher surrounded by snow, his men in the distance with a colonial eagle frame representing the 13 colonies was a stereotype of the revolution. Jockey Hallow and Contribution were observations.