Edison High School, Edison, NJ

Edison High School, Edison, NJ

Created by Edison High School, Edison, NJ

Artists: Danae and Sabina

Title: The Many Aspects of Edison

Teacher: Mrs. Colletto

Theme: Things you didn’t know about Edison

Materials and techniques: We used paint pens, acrylic paint, embroidery thread, and tule to illustrate his many achievements.

Did you enjoy this project? It was a lot of fun, because we got work with mediums we usually never use.

About: Our artwork encapsulates the highlights of Edison’s accomplishments in his life. For example, he minimal public education and the first patented electric pen. His three months of education are symbolized in the red x-mark across the graduation cap, and he books at the bottom the canvas are there to illustrate how Edison had one of the largest research libraries. Edison was known worldwide for the developed technology used for the speaking dolls.