Skoi-Yase Primary School, Waterloo, NY

Skoi-Yase Primary School, Waterloo, NY

Created by Skoi-Yase Primary School, Waterloo, NY

Artists: Jaeden, Jodie, Nicholas, Michael, Olivia, Ayanalee, Tyla, Melaina, Riley, Vivian, Gabriel, Alexis

Title: Building a Better World Together

Teacher: Mrs. Gaylord

Theme: Community

Materials and techniques: We textured the background by using rollers, acrylic paint and water to create a transparent sky. We used leftover hand dyed fabric from another project to create the ground. It was fun to create the people with fabric crayons and cloth. We added details such as a birdhouse, bird food, binoculars, a watering can, seeds, a shovel and soil, and lots of flowers. We thought hard about how to arrange and glue the collage by overlapping things to create space.

Did you enjoy this project? We really enjoyed working on this project. It required a lot of thought. We created many things and had to choose what to put in this project and what to save for another project. With the help of the ranger at the park we were inspired to try to bring our dream to life. We hope to work together to plant seeds, feed and watch birds and create more art to make our school an even better part of the world.

About: Our artwork is about the theme, “What Inequalities do people face today?” We were inspired by Kid President’s video about the life and work of Martin Luther King. We learned about how he wanted to bring people together. He dreamed about changing things. Kid President encouraged us by saying, “Isn’t it cool that we can change things.” We looked at a songbook by Cedela Marley called One Love. In the book a little girl works with her family and friends to create a park. These ideas inspired us to create our work, Building a Better World Together. We are working to fulfill our dreams to work together to plant flowers, feed birds and make art for our school.