Orleans High School, Orleans, IN

Orleans High School, Orleans, IN

Created by Orleans High School, Orleans, IN

Artists: Mark, Ashlie, Hope, Gabbi, Sydney, Leah

Title: Hercules #3

Teacher: Dr. Leah Morgan

Theme: Mammoth Cave above Ground

Materials and techniques: Our group painted with acrylic paint on the pelon. We started sketching and then painted with using a base coat of gesso and it worked well. Part of our painting is realistic and part is a bit abstracted showing the railroad bed. We improvised somewhat on the background to make the train stand out.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, we enjoyed working on the train! We had to lay everything out first and paint in areas. It took us a long time. A person from another group helped us to outline the train and fill in areas of color. Each person added their personal twist to each part.

About: For this we worked in partners or groups. At first two of us thought that it meant space (Rocket Project) so we looked up space pictures. We soon came to find out that it had a Mammoth Cave theme. When we looked it up we saw all these cave pictures and thought that they would either be too hard or someone else would do it until we came to the old historic train picture. It was the “Hercules #3” that transported people to Mammoth Cave. When we came to this picture we thought it was good so we started to draw it to see if we could. Once we figured out that the background was too hard we went to a postcard picture and did that background. One of us was in charge of drawing the train, doing all of the tracks, and helping with the background (mostly the sky). Eventually, as it was just us two, we needed more help to meet the deadline. Two students from other groups and a senior helped us out a bit along with our instructor. I think it turned out better than the picture in my head ever dreamed of being.

Created by Orleans High School, Orleans, IN

Artists: Lillia, Imagan, Hanna

Title: Opening to Explore a New World

Teacher: Dr. Leah Morgan

Theme: Mammoth Cave Above Ground

Materials and techniques: We painted with acrylic paint on Pelon. Our cave opening frames the outdoors. To make the water appear to recede in the distance, we used shading. To make the boat appear to be coming out of the cave, we cut it off on the lower section of the opening.

Did you enjoy this project? We often work together as a group and enjoy each other’s company. We are friends and look out for each other. Luckily, we get along very well, but each has a different personally and likes along with dislikes.

About: For our cave drawing we decided to do a view from inside a cave looking outside. There is a stream that flows out of a cave surrounded by trees and shrubs. We sketched out the cave walls and water. We did shading on the cave wall to make it appear darker and shaded the water and the trees. it should appear as if you are going from a dark cave into the light outdoors!

Created by Orleans High School, Orleans, IN

Artists: Kyla, Porsha, Sydney

Title: Hidden Falls

Teacher: Dr. Leah Morgan

Theme: Mammoth Cave Below Ground

Materials and techniques: Acrylic paint on Pelon with simple colors, overlapping, and shading.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, all of the people working in my group are very perfectionist about what what they do. We like it simple, but constructed.

About: For the Rocket Project Kyla, Porsha, and Sydney worked together as a group to create a painting of the inside of the cave. For the painting we started painting the black holes that you can see on the cave wall. Then we proceeded to paint the actual wall of the cave. We started out using a redish brownish color for the base and mixed in a darker and lighter color as we went so it would give the wall some texture and more real color base. After we finished the main picture we went back and added darker paint to shade the wall so it would appear more realistic. After the cave wall was finished we then started on the stalactites that drop down from the top of the painting. For the rocks we started out using a tan color and then finished with back and added shading to make the things look dark so appear more realistic. We added the water, some rocks, and the stalagmites. We used acrylic paint for the painting. If we were to change anything it would be the shading on the stalactites that drop down from the top. we thought an underground waterfall would be fascinating.

Created by Orleans High School, Orleans, IN

Artists: Chumna, Madison, Hope

Title: Prehistoric Wonder

Teacher: Dr. Leah Morgan

Theme: Mammoth Cave above and Below.

Materials and techniques: We used fabric and acrylic paint.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, it is good when all members of a group can work together and do their parts.

About: Based on the central theme of the project we decided that it would be best if the project included a cave of some sort. So, we went online and the entrance to mammoth cave inspired me to incorporate it into the painting.
We did quick pre-sketchs on paper including ideas with Chumna, Madison and Hope. Madison wanted geode rocks somewhere in the painting. Throughout the project we used various techniques including overlap on each other’s areas that we painted. For example, Madison painted the tree, but I painted the moss growing on it along with using a metallic sharpie to create a light textured effect. Hope added lots of color and details.

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