Participation Instructions

1. Reserve your spot(s)

While we collect 9,000 artworks we have been organizing exhibits to display submissions. Each exhibit has a specific theme. These exhibits are sponsored, so participation is free if spots are available. All art submitted for any exhibit will ultimately be included in our final wrapping of the SLS Mars Rocket replica.

View schedule of exhibits here to see if any exhibits listed that are of interest to you. If so, email to see how many spots are available. We update this schedule monthly with new exhibit opportunities, so check back soon for updates.

2. Size: 2 feet x 2 feet

  • No need for batting.
  • If you think the edges of your artwork will be rough looking, and you have the time, please leave a couple of inches on either side to fold over to the back. Masking tape works great for this.

3. Theme: Refer to the theme indicated under the specific exhibit you are interested in. If you are not participating in any exhibit but are submitting art for the final wrapping then the theme is up to you.

4. Materials: We only accept textile/fiber based materials such as fabrics, and soft plastics. Just no paper products – this is the primary rule. And please, be nice to our volunteers and do not use glitter, rocks, or anything that will fall off. Thank you.

Find ideas;

A few examples of materials/techniques: canvas, burlap, cotton, crocheting, knitting, weaving, painting, collage, stitching, and felting. You can invent your own technique. Participants have printed photographs on fabric, or laminated parts and pieces to assemble a collage. Recyclables: trash bags, old cassette tape, soda labels, all of which is soft and sew-able. Quilting, applique, machine sewing, digital images cut and sewn, ribbon, silk, acrylic paint, plastic tarp, fabrics, hand sewing, buttons, beads, jute, handmade fabric, felt, fusible fibers, glue, yarns, nylon, polyester, permanent ink markers, commercial cotton, any kind of threads, acrylic paint, free-motion quilting, plastics, candy wrappers, buttons, cut-up recycled clothing, and oil pastels/sticks. The list goes on and on.

5. ID Form: Before sending in your art download an ID Form and attach it to each submission. Download here.

6. Online Submission Form: In addition, to the above ID form please fill out the online submission form here. Once we receive your art in the mail, we will match your ID Form information up with the information you submitting on the online submission form to create title cards and post online.

7. Mail art submissions to: All art needs to be mailed to our studio so that we can photograph them and prepare them for each exhibit. Mail to: The Dream Rocket Project, Attention: Jennifer Marsh, 51 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Call Jennifer if you have any issues at (614) 561-9057.

  • Do not mail or drop submissions off at exhibit locations.
  • Do not spend the money shipping overnight or express. We will make sure they get into the show.