Deductible Information; To insure the deductibility of your contributions, please do not file your 2015 Federal Income tax return until you have received a written or electronic acknowledgment of your contributions. Otherwise, some of your contributions may not be tax deductible.

Year-End Giving Information; December 31, 2016 falls on a Saturday. Contributions received prior to the 31st will be included in your 2016 giving record.

Mailed Contributions; Contributions which are mailed and postmarked in 2016 will qualify as 2016 contributions, regardless of the date the check was written.

Checks can be made out to The Dream Rocket Project or the International Fiber Collaborative.

Mail to:

The Dream Rocket Project

Attention: Jennifer Marsh

1125 SW Taylor St, Unit 2

Topeka, KS 66612

Credit Card Contributions; Contributions charged to a credit card before the end of the year will count for 2016. You can make a contribution with your credit card by contacting Jennifer Marsh at 614-561-9057, or by snail mailing a letter with written authorization.

Contributions of Stock; Contributions of stock must be delivered by 5:00 p.m., December 31st, 2016, or received in our organizations brokerage account before the close of business on that date to qualify as a 2016 contribution. Please contact Jennifer Marsh for more information.

Envelopes; To receive envelopes for regular monthly giving, contact Jennifer Marsh at or 614-561-9057.



Contact Jennifer Marsh (; 614-561-9057) for more information or if you have additional questions.